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Grace and peace be with you all!

We welcome you to our church community!

Each Sunday at 9:30am our worship service is posted on our FaceBook page and YouTube channel. Direct links to these sites can be found on the the bottom of this page. Weekly worship materials (a bulletin order to follow) are available via the link on the right hand column of this page (“Sunday Worship Bulletins”); such materials will help you participate more fully each Sunday.  Please do make a commitment to join in this time of prayer, message, and music! 

Additionally, Pastor Hogan posts online a brief reflection each morning– offering a simple word in the form of a prayer, a poem, or a story as a small offering for the day.  These can be found on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Regular church news can be found under the links to “Weekly Newsletters: The Cornerstone,” and news from Pastor Hogan can be found under the links to “News from the Pastor.”  

On the first Sunday of each month, please join us in the church parking lot for Holy Communion, received in the safety of your car as the liturgy is shared via FM radio transmission.  See our Parking Lot Communion Guidelines



Mark your calendars:

Beginning June 6th, each Sunday throughout June at 9:30 am we will worship outdoors, on the lawn beside the parking lot.   We will enjoy being together in person, enjoying confirmation and baptism celebrations, and expressing our gratitude for this unfolding of a new season in our church life. 

Here is what to expect:

— Bring a chair with you (if you are unable to bring a chair, we will make available to you). You can put your chair on the lawn or on the edge of the parking lot; or, if you prefer, you can remain in your car and participate over FM radio.

— The service will be about 30 minutes in length. If it rains, you can stay in your car and enjoy the service over FM radio. We will also continue to provide online worship services each Sunday, for participants near and far.

Then!  On July 4th we will return to worshiping in the sanctuary! 


At its meeting on Monday, June 14th, the Administrative Council reviewed the circumstances of our community, and determined that now is the time to remove all requirements for masks, waivers, social distancing, and other covid-related considerations.  (We also concluded our Sanctuary Prayer Time, trusting that folks who may want to spend time in prayer in the sanctuary can stop by whenever the church is open and we will make it available to you.) Parking Lot Communion will continue for the foreseeable future, as it provides a way for us all to join in the Lord’s Supper and include those who may not choose to gather face-to-face just yet.

In all things, it is our expectation that persons who do not feel well or who have been exposed to covid will stay home and get medical care.  It is also our expectation that our love for one another will be evidenced in the respect we show toward one another, as some choose to remain masked and others do not, as some maintain social distancing and others do not… as our individual responses to this time come together in our community setting.  We encourage you to stay up to date on CDC guidelines and state regulations when it comes to your activity.

We recognize that, while the infection rates are declining, the danger is not over, and so we take seriously our collective responsibility to live in a fashion that demonstrates loving care for one another. 

As the Church, our role is different from any other organization or business:  we are here to embody the Gospel. It is our task and identity to show the world what life-giving love looks like, and to do so in our behavior, our choices, and our words.  We encourage you to demonstrate ongoing consideration for the vulnerable, compassion for those who are anxious or afraid, and assistance to all those in need.

For the remaining Sundays in June, we will worship outside. On July 4th we will return to the sanctuary for worship, glad for the opportunity to pray and rejoice together in the space we call home!  Still, we won’t be singing together just yet and our worship service will be simplified for a while.  Additions and adjustments will come over time, and in the interim I encourage you to stay alert for the activity of God.  Things like savoring the music that is offered instead of singing along can be an opportunity for God to work something new in your heart.  Spending an extra bit of time in silence can be a portal for the unexpected movement of the Spirit.

Now, you may be wondering: What happens to our online worship?  It will still be available, and will undergo some changes.

Starting in July, each Sunday we will record the worship service in the sanctuary, and after worship it will be edited and uploaded.  It will be available online by about 1 pm each Sunday afternoon.

Since we will not be having vocal music for a while in our sanctuary services, the weekly online service will include an additional anthem and hymn which you can enjoy in the safety and comfort of your home. 

Furthermore, we are researching upgraded technology and equipment so that in the future we will be able to provide a high quality experience for all who worship with us remotely.  We remain committed to the spiritual wellbeing of our online community, and are working to discern ways to deepen this ministry.

As we make our way between here and there, we are grateful for all the wisdom and effort folks are bringing to these tasks, and we thank you all for your patience with the transitions past, present, and future.

May God continue to guide us.

Questions? Contact the Church Office. We, your leaders, join you in our eagerness to be together in person, and to do so with care for one another’s safety. May God bless our plans and our praise.

103 Monmouth Road

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Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.


9:30 a.m. Worship

9:30 a.m.  Sunday School for Grades Pre-K through Senior High

11:00 a.m.  Adult Sunday School


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“U R WELCOME” at First United Methodist Church: Oakhurst.

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