Visit Our Prayer Garden and Labyrinth

In the spring of 2007, the members of the First United Methodist Church: Oakhurst decided that it was important to enhance the ministry of the church by adding a labyrinth on the church grounds.


Entrance to the labyrinth

The goals of the labyrinth project were threefold:

1. To provide a way for persons to find an inner peace by walking along a clearly defined path towards the center, and then returning to the start.

2. To be open for use by church members, members of affiliated groups, and the community.

3. To be accessible to persons using walkers and wheelchairs.


To accomplish these goals, the church contacted Boy Scout Troup 70, chartered by the church.  Scout Dan Clarke took on this challenge as his Eagle Scout project.

Walking a Labyrinth

The approach to the entrance of the labyrinth walk begins in silence.  The walker is in an attitude of meditation, walking slowly along a defined, single path leading to its center.  The “center” may be symbolic of God’s presence and God’s faithfulness.  It may be a time of discernment and prayer to God for spiritual direction.  Each walker brings his or her needs and expectations and the experience in unique.  Leave the “center” when you are ready; follow the same path outward to the entrance.  In the spirit of God’s grace, the walker will return to the world renewed, to love God, neighbor and self, in new and creative relationships.